Tara Hitchcock

Tara is a multiple-Emmy winner and the former morning host of Good Morning Arizona at KTVK in Phoenix, Ariz. Under her leadership, GMAZ was the No. 1 morning show in the market for 10 years running. During her years as a successful television personality, her love of sports also led her to host shows from the Masters to the Super Bowl to the World Series. Currently, Tara travels the world interviewing A-list celebrities for her "Behind the Screens" features at Harkins Theaters. She also has a weekly segment on KTVK featuring her celebrity movie interviews. Tara recently launched a new travel column, 'Tara's Big Travels', in Phoenix Magazine and writes occasionally for JetSet Magazine.

On Traveling In Black & White: "This project is about giving people choices; there's no other show that helps people actually plan a trip. We have become our best travel agents and shouldn't let our wallet limit how much of the world we see."

For more about Tara, go to www.taraontv.com.

Brad Perry

Brad Perry has spent his entire adult life in front of the camera. No stranger to television, Brad was an important part of Good Morning Arizona for over ten years and now brings his energy and humor to Good Morning San Diego. He recently produced and hosted a special on Jamaica that aired on KAZTV. Not only does he entertain on TV, he also entertains on stage. A hilarious stand-up comic, Brad hones his skills with periodic charity gigs. The Battle Creek, Mich. native has always had a passion for music and has tapped into his love with a sound uniquely his own that he describes as "American with soul." Brad has released his first album, "Brad Perry & the Acoustic Fingerprints."

Brad was recently featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live as "The Knitting Guy"! (look for Brad's traveling partner Tara two seats over) - Watch the full clip here: The Knitting Guy.

On Traveling In Black & White: "I want to show people that you can enjoy travel with a little money or a lot, that you can stay in a five-star hotel and yet enjoy the culture for free. As long as I have my guitar, I'll go anywhere."

Eric Crown

Eric Crown, founded Insight Enterprises, a multi-billion dollar global provider of information technology and a Fortune 500 company and then he resigned as CEO to live the life of a traveling multi-millionaire and philanthropist.

He still plays in business from international trading to being the executive producer of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, the top 10 grossing film in 2014.

A true philanthropist, Eric always finds time to help those in need. A problem solver at heart, he likes to get involved and help improve organizations. From children, to animals, to health and the arts, you name it, Eric is involved.

Eric lives to travel, once visiting all seven continents in one year. He has sailed the seven seas, skied to the North Pole, and even had tea on the bow of the Titanic, 12,500 feet under the sea!

Eric on Tara & Brad: "Tara is an unstoppable human dynamo. Brad? You just never, ever know what he will do next. Put the two together and you have an entertaining travel show unlike anything I've seen. You won't find better people to show the world and I'm glad to be along for the ride."