The Concept

Traveling in Black & White is a travel series with a completely new twist - experiencing the most amazing destinations around the world from two uniquely different points-of-view.

The travel-obsessed series hosts, Tara Hitchcock and Brad Perry (two of Arizona's favorite morning personalities for over a decade) arrive at their new destinations ready for their adventure. They are joined by Eric Crown, a jet-setting multi-millionaire entrepreneur, who opens the door to the most luxurious travel experiences that money can buy and keeps them in check.

In each episode --- one host will be given carte blanche to experience a destination. From Egyptian-cotton sheets and private massages to the most exclusive restaurants and night clubs --- money may open doors but it doesn't guarantee a great trip.

The other will be equipped with a shoestring budget. They will have to be resourceful, creative and open to all opportunities. It might mean crashing on a local's coach, wedging themselves between livestock on a city bus or talking their way into a fabulous cultural experience. It's a chance to plunge headfirst into the destination making for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Traveling in Black & White is about to two extremes; showcasing both ends of the budget spectrum providing insights on the culture, the sites, the hotels and the local cuisine to fully immerse the audience into the destination. It's also the first travel show to regularly incorporate game-changing travel websites (a la Trip Advisor, SeatGuru) that have reinvented how we see the world.

Tara and Brad may not have always seen eye-to-eye in the TV studio - if they can survive each other on the road, we're all in for a great trip.